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It's always a misadventure of microscopic proportions with the Nobodies!

When slacker booger Boogs, ninjamoeba Amy and an outcast bacteria Eliot Coli first team up, they think it's awesome being renegade cells who are the only outsiders on the inside. But things aren't as rosy as they think within the mysteriously dangerous body of ‘The Boy’.

From the wheezy depths of the forests of Lungscape to the wastelands of Slumtestines, they venture together, zapping through neuron networks and riding blood cell taxis through the vena canal. Stealthily avoiding the White Blood Police Department and escaping the jaws of ravenous tapeworms, their mishaps usually lead them where no germ has gone before.

After all, adventure seeking is infectious!

  • Format

    2D Animated Series

    26x11 mins

  • Genre


  • Target Audience

    8-12, Boys & Girls

  • Status

    Currently in development

    Looking for co-production partner (production/broadcaster/distributor)

  • awards & recognitions

    TBS Digicon 6 Regional Silver Medal Winner 2014
    Winner of the MSC Malaysia IPCC Animation 2013