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Maya and the Marinauts

Adventure series featuring Maya and her friends, Ross and Seri. Follow them as they travel the oceans saving sea creatures and protecting our environment. The Marinauts are joined by Jules the Penguin, Kai the Seahorse, and Baby the Jellyfish.

In this first tale, the Marinauts follow a pod of sperm whales deep under the ocean and discover that someone is using the whales to capture a giant squid for their ‘Underwater World’. It’s up to the Marinauts to save the day.

In the second book, Maya and her friends discover how sea turtles lay their eggs. But in the middle of the night, Slimy Finn and Professor Buler steal the turtle eggs using their special eggs-cavating machine. Once again, the Marinauts have their hands full trying to save the day.

Maya and the Marinauts will be published by Papermoon.

  • Format

    Picture book series

  • Target Audience

    5+, Boys & Girls

  • Written by

    Heidi Shamsuddin

  • illustrated by